The rays of sun gently run through your skin. The birds outside prepare for their morning concert. The clouds lazily swim in the sky. The trees stretch their leaves as if they wanted to play on the wind like it was their piano. You open your eyes and another day has just started.

Why don’t you do things differently today?

Instead of reaching for your phone, grab the Qur’an, grab a book, grab a cup of tea. Don’t even look at this electronic device that so successfully steals your life. 

Our phones are not evil. They are just misused

Spend the first thirty minutes after you wake up on contemplating, instead of just soaking in the contemplation posted on social media by others. And is it even real contemplation? Or catchy phrases that they publish to quickly gain your attention and to later lose it even quicker? Are they just empty words to make us, make them, feel better? 
“Own your day, own your life.”
“You are the girl boss, you can do it.”
“Start every day as if it was your last.”

But do you actually?

 What happens with your life after you read those words? 
Do you take action? Or you let the online action take you?
Do you own your life? Or you let the online life own you?
I am sure you understand my point.

So do something differently today. Start small, start big. You own it so you decide it. 

And after you get your thoughts together. After you really feel it, post it. Share it with the world. But do it truthfully. Don’t just say it and forget it. Be kind and learn to express yourself in a respectful manner. It is not as easy as it seems to us. We tend to be too angry, too fast, too demanding.
If you don’t like something, wait with conclusions. Wait with your criticism.
How often we insult something or someone to later regret it? And to be too proud to admit it? So just give yourself time.

Start to think of social media as the first step for you to actually make a change. Help someone, recommend something useful or simply inspire.
Take those thirty minutes after you wake up and give yourself time. 

Just think of how many things your imagination and creativity hide when they are overwhelmed by the online world. How many ideas you can come up with if you only give your brain the chance? So give it a chance. 
Before you look for ideas on Pinterest, look for your ideas in your own mind.
The internet is just a tool but it quickly started to make us its tools. 

And no, I am not saying that sharing a picture of a meal is bad. Do it, share that shot, publish this selfie. But do it in between things that have more value. Do not get caught in this vicious circle of feeding the internet with meaningless content. Let’s create a space in there that’s full of inspiration and meaningful discussions. We are not meant to brainlessly scroll through hours of trivial videos. We are not meant to become a tool.

So do something different today and give yourself time.

Today’s post is a little different. It’s a mixture of my consciousness stream and just random thoughts I get as I go on with my day. I hope you don’t mind. In fact, I hope you can relate to it and add a little something to this post.

What do you think of digging your phone after you wake up?
Do you have any routines to boost your creativity?

Let me know in the comments and until the next post,

Stay faithful! ♥

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