Asalam Alaykum and welcome!

A new month starts today and I can’t express just how much it pleases me that the first day of July is also the first day of the week. Therefore, I wanted to start it in the best way possible and set some goals I’d like to achieve by the end of this month.

I am quite bad with setting goals. I always start big and plan so many changes that I wish to implement. Unfortunately, it only takes me a few days to get off the track and abandon some of the new habits or even forget about my goals completely. So this month I want to start small and slowly make my way towards the good habits I’d like to build. Apparently it takes around 66 days to build a new habit so I want to be patient and wait for the results which I know will make me more content.

Without much talking, which usually leads to not fulfilling my plans, let me proceed to the list of things I’d like to learn or start doing regularly in July. I want to keep the list short so that I don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of changes I try to implement.

First three on my list are dedicated for the religious purpose and they are:
1. Learning Ayatul Kursi by heart.
Now, I’ve been Muslim for quite some time now and I made a one major mistake right after I converted, which I’m going to talk about in another post. Long story short, after I learned the essentials (like how to pray) et cetera, I didn’t pay much attention to actually learning other important duas or surahs. So together with starting this blog I also made a promise to myself that I’m going to focus more on learning other aspects as well. And since the language of Islam is Arabic, I have to earn the transliterations, which is okay but we can all agree that not the best option possible. And this leads me to my second goal.

2. Reading the Qur’an every single day in Arabic.
I attempted to learn Arabic few times already but there was always something more important at the time so I stopped and didn’t progress much. However, I am quite familiar with the Arabic alphabet by now and I can slowly read it. It’s still very clumsy and slow but practice makes perfect inshAllah. Apart from reading the translation of the Qur’an, I also want to read it along with the recitation so that I can get fluent in reading Arabic. I’ll play a certain surah on my phone and then try to follow the reciter with looking at the part he’s currently reading. I’m sure that if I do this every single day of July, I’ll be able to see progress in my Arabic reading skills. And as a by product of that I will of course read the Qur’an every single day inshAllah.

3. Pray Dua Kumayl every Thursday night.
This is a habit that would only take place once a week but it’s still a very important one. Even though I know the importance of this prayer, I often struggle to remember to read it on Thursdays. If I do this every single Thursday this month, it’ll make it easier for me to stick to it for the rest of my life inshAllah.

Moving on to the three goals regarding my new blog:
1. Publishing eleven blog posts in July.
I really want my blog to thrive in order to build a kind and supportive community and one of the key factors to achieve it would be consistency. Something that I lacked, when I used to blog in the past. After a few posts I would lose the interest, which would eventually lead to deleting the blog. This time I really want to stay consistent and post about things that matter to me and to my prospective readers. I was recently motivated by finding so many blogs that date years back and still post and are active. In a year from now I want to look back at all that I’ve written over this time and be proud of my consistency inshAllah.

2. Posting on Instagram every single day.
Instagram is a very important platform for me. I always loved looking at pictures and taking them. I got a lot of inspiration from there and it helped me find my own style, which continues to evolve also thanks to Instagram. However, starting this blog I decided to also create a new Instagram account dedicated to it. For now it’s empty and I know it needs time and patience to build a feed that I’d like and it won’t happen without consistency in this field as well. So I challenge myself to add one picture every single day of this month inshAllah.

3. Working on meaningful and high quality content.
Starting a blog is only a beginning of the new commitment and it comes with many tasks attached but the one most important thing a blogger needs to do is to produce a good quality content for their site. I don’t want this page to just be another blog with short and boring posts that no one wants to read. I want to write about things that are important to me and other fellow reverts, Muslims and people. And this goal is something that has to be judged by those that come here to read it. Every single comment would make me happy and I am sure that if someone decided to write one it means that they want to get engaged in the conversation. So don’t hesitate!

I am going to track all of my goals in my journal and in the middle of the month I’ll try to share my progress on Instagram inshAllah.

Do you like setting goals or you prefer to just go with the flow?
What would be your goals for July?
Let me know!

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